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Wow…35 years deep. In terms of BMX brands, that’s a really long time. No doubt, we’ve seen a lot of players come and go…

What is it that makes Haro stand the test of time? Is it the pioneers, legends, icons, and heros – whether old school or new school – that have helped shape us into who we are? Is it the gold medals, the contest wins, the brand recognition? Is it definitive products like the 1982 Freestyler that helped a generation defi ne the way they rode a bike? Possibly… But we tend to think it’s something a little different; something you can’t touch or feel. We believe that it’s the soul of the brand that’s kept us around this long. The idea that nothing is impossible, that everything can be made better, that your bike really is your best tool for self expression, and that at the heart of it all, fun is really all that matters.

Ride anywhere, ride everywhere; doesn’t matter if it’s on the street, at the trails, or at the park, just having fun on your bike is really the name of the game. It’s what every guy on this page lives for and what each of them lives by. If that’s your motto too, we simply say welcome to the family.


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Everything in modern life takes inspiration from what’s happened in the past. This is certainly the case at Haro. Since 1978, our bikes have been leaving big tracks on every terrain you can imagine. From the first BMX courses in California to every ramp park and metroscape from Carlsbad to Katmandu. After proving our innovations on dirt, parks and tarmac, we moved up to mountain bikes. Not surprisingly, much of the technology we pioneered in BMX has found a home on our full range of mountain bikes, city bikes and beach cruisers. Because Haro bicycles are designed by riders for riders, you’ll find innovation, performance, and value in every bike we build. That’s why, for three decades, Haro bikes have taken hard-core riders to victory. Even if “victory” was just a cold beer at the end of a great ride.

HARO. Ride more.

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Dirt. Since most of our bikes are designed to be ridden on terra firma, we’ve spent a fair amount of time talking about it. However, man cannot live on dirt alone. Sometimes you have to venture off the unbeaten path into more civilized territory.

There’s an asphalt jungle out there just waiting to be explored. Every successful adventure starts with the right equipment. Haro’s line of Asphalt bikes will get you on your way. Lightweight alloy frames are a breeze to pedal and they resist rust. High-pressure tires with a smooth tread zip over paved surfaces with ease. Seats, grips, handlebars, and stems are handpicked to ensure comfort without compromising performance.

There’s an adventure waiting in your own neighborhood. And you don’t even need to get dirty to experience it.

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